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Social Saturday: V8’s Top Tweeters

Saturday 19 January 2013 13:30
By: V8 Supercars

TWITTER. It’s the big thing in Social Media right now and a majority of V8 Supercars Championship drivers are big fans of it – and regular users – keeping their followers up to speed with what they’re up to both on and off the track.

We thought it was high time we gave some notoriety to those amongst the V8 Supercar paddock who love the Tweet – but we wanted to look a bit deeper than that.

Of the 28 full season ‘regular’ drivers to race last year, 23 are on Twitter.. so who’s the best to follow?

These rankings aren’t just based entirely on the number of followers that any one driver has – though it is taken into account and we've listed the number here. Instead, we’ve put together a list that balances popularity with good content that you actually want to read.

We’re not suggesting that V8 Supercar stars tweet rubbish, but we know that you want to follow someone who has something to say. We think the eight drivers listed here are the pick of the V8 driving bunch to click the big ‘follow’ button on.

Do you agree with our rankings? Disagree? Tell us who is your favourite V8 Supercar-driving Tweeter via @V8Supercars and don't forget to use the tag #V8SC.

1.    Fabian Coulthard (@FabianCoulthard) – 11,262 (5,344 Tweets)

Our Twitter King. Fabian Coulthard promotes himself as a ‘Social Media Guru’ in his own Twitter profile (as well as ‘Award winning organiser’, interestingly), and fortunately he lives up to that. If Fabian ever finds himself out of a drive, perhaps he should pick up a camera lens instead because he’s is one of the kings of the Twitter Photo – be it raw or filtered via Instagram – and loves sharing a pictorial look at the life of a V8 Supercar driver. Plenty of followers and plenty of content – mixed in with some very amusing Kiwi humour - the Lockwood Racing driver is right up there in our 2013 twitter rankings. Well worth a follow!

2.    Craig Lowndes (@CraigLowndes888) – 26,899 (5,149 Tweets)

After his account started what looked like a PR-driven exercise from the driver’s management, Craig has certainly latched onto Twitter in a big way and is now one of the series’ most prolific tweeters. Not only does he have the most followers (by about 6,000 people) of all drivers, but CL is also now a veritable Twitter fan. The Bathurst champion and arguably the sport’s biggest name can be classed as a ‘prolific’ Tweeter – and is keen for his 28,000-odd Twitter Followers to follow his progress as a budding Indoor Cricket superstar, too! It seems Lowndes is just as great a representative for the sport online as he is on track.

Note: Also uses lots of smiley faces, too – just like in the real world!

3.    Jason Bright (@iJasonBright) – 14,086 (6,169 Tweets)

Both Brad Jones Racing drivers rate well in the social media charts! Jason Bright matches his massive follower count (Fourth of all active V8 Supercar drivers) with a positively prolific rate of Tweets keeping people up to speed. The Team BOC driver (and lover of photo sharing app Instagram) often shares plenty of behind the scenes snaps and info for his willing fans – and, of course, has recently become a Dad – so there’s plenty about the positively adorable Lennox Jay Bright on there too. And, Brighty follows almost 10,000 of his fans back for their trouble. Well Tweeted, Brighty.. Well Tweeted.

4.    Will Davison (@WillDavison) – 11,109 (5,620 Tweets)

Will Davison is a man of the world. He’s raced just about everywhere and has friends on every side of the pond - and his Twitter reflects this. There’s a lot of chat between old racing mates and the FPR #6 driver loves to keep up to speed with everything else going on in the world of motorsport. His brother – and new team mate – Alex (@AlexDavison79) plus father and former racer Richard (@Wizardwash) are also regular tweeters and worth a follow.

5.    Garth Tander (@GarthTander) – 12,285 (2,248 Tweets)

GT has never been afraid to voice his opinion in the media and the same can be said for his Tweeting habits – and as such he is well worth the follow. GT Tweets about a lot of things and if you want to know what the expanded Walkinshaw Racing family get up to on their regular bike rides, this – along with Fabian Coulthard and Dunlop Series ace Nick Percat – is the Twitter account to follow! Also follow @LeanneTander.

6.    Mark Winterbottom (@mwinterbottom) – 14,646 (3902 Tweets)

Frosty Tweets like he races. Cool, calm and collected and seems to sneak up on you.. and his 14,000+ followers seem to agree – and he deserves his spot on this list just because of the massive audience he commands. When he’s not talking about how quickly his #5 FPR Ford is going or his expanding family, Frosty keeps fans of the Cars movie franchise up to speed (He is a move star, after all) when (and where) he’s out and about signing autographs.  

7.    Michael Patrizi (@MichaelPatrizi) – 3,116 (3,919 Tweets)

A surprise, perhaps, but the speedy West Australian makes up for his relative lack of followers – at least in comparison to the other luminaries in our list – by continually producing some content gold. He’s always keen to say his two bob’s worth, travels the world, has plenty of high-level industry friends and runs a professional karting team that is trying to discover the next world champion. If you’re not already, follow the West Australian – and perhaps ask where he’s going to land on the 2013 V8 grid while you’re at it! 

8.    Tony D’Alberto (@TonyD’alberto) – 4,482 (4,634)

V8’s quiet achiever in the world of Tweeting. Loves a cycle – like most drivers – and a good Coffee. He’s a regular tweeter and gives race fans an insight into life not in a factory team – despite his renewed alliance with Walkinshaw Racing, Tony D essentially remains a one-car operation doing things their way and we thought it was worth to showcase that.

Honourable Mentions:

Jamie Whincup (@JamieWhincup) – 19,628 (903 Tweets)

While J-Dub has plenty of followers – he’s second only to his Triple Eight stable mate Craig Lowndes out of all regular drivers – we think he could probably afford to work the keyboard a little more and come up with some Twitter gold. He makes our list thanks to sheer weight of numbers, but perhaps with some Red Bull in the fridge he’ll have the drive to tweet some more... he’s an interesting guy, our champion, and the fans want to know more!

Russell Ingall (@RussellIngall) – 6,289 (379 Tweets)

It’s Russell Ingall, for crying out loud, and on the rare occasion that he does tweet, its gold. Worth a follow, just so you can say you do.

David Reynolds (@daffidreynolds) – 4,854 (927 Tweets)

Do we need to explain why you should follow David Reynolds? Did you see him throw a Channel Seven microphone into the crowd when on the Bathurst podium? The king of random, which we love, and his Twitter feed reflects that.

Rick Kelly (@RickKelly) – 9,193 (879 Tweets)      

The recent birthday boy doesn’t tweet a whole lot, but we’ll give him bonus points, however, for his sneaky photo of the Nissan Motorsport test at Sydney Motorsport Park last week – one the team was planning to keep behind the scenes!

James Courtney (@JCourtney01) – 12,870 (1,999 Tweets)

Life on the Gold Coast has never looked better. JC is the king of keeping his followers up to speed with what we reckon is a pretty nice way of life. Great family, Gold Coast pad, Factory Holden drive and plenty of bike rides with mate Russell Ingall and the GC Crew.

*(Compiled as at 1:30pm, Friday January 18.)

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